Tree Plantation Paragraph and Composition

Paragraph Writing “Tree Plantation.”

Paragraph: Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means planting trees at a large scale in a planned way.  Trees are our friends.  They give us shade and soothe our eyes with their green color.  They provide us best with various kinds of fruits and firewood for cooking.  They also give us timber for furniture, doors and windows, boats, electric poles, railway slippers, etc.  They bring about rubber too.  Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.  Sufficient trees cause sufficient rainfall and prevent drafts.  Trees along the roadside and coastal areas prevent erosion and tidal bore.

If there is no trees, our country will turn into a desert.  The loss of trees will enhance the greenhouse effects and the earth will be warmer.  Many low-lying area will disappear and the earth will turn inhabitable.  The more we plant trees, the more our environment will be balanced and greener, cleaner and safer.

As humans are responsible for losing trees, they can play the most significant part in protecting trees and creating forests.  At first, they are to be made conscious of deforestation.  Various seminars and meetings, tree plantation campaign should be arranged.  The mass media like TV and radio can play great roles to inspire people for tree plantation.  To survive on earth, there is no alternative tree plantation.  Trees along the road sides and costal areas prevent erosion and tidal bore.

Writing Composition “Tree Plantation”.

Tree Plantation

Trees are the most important element of nature. Men depend much on trees. Trees provide us with oxygen, food, furniture, etc and take in carbondioxide which is harmful to human beings and all animals. So to say, our life on earth largely depends upon trees. But it is a matter of great regret that we are cutting down trees very unwisely for some quick profit. is really a matter of great concern, first, it is important to know what trees do for us.

Trees are useful to us in various ways. Man needs oxygen. In every breathwe take oxygen in and leave carbon dioxide out. Trees leave oxygen out and take carbon dioxide in. Thus they provide us with the most necessary thing we need on earth.

Trees also give us food and shelter.  We cannot live without the help of trees.  But at present people are cutting down trees at a large scale.

There are many reasons of cutting down trees.  Man is cutting them down mainly for firewood and furniture, Every day our population is increasing.  So, more firewood and furniture are needed for the additional people.  Tropical rain forests are also being cleared at a high rate.  It takes thousands of years to grow a tropical rain forest.  But at present they are being cleared at the rate of fourteen square miles per hour.

The effect of deforestation is very harmful and dangerous.  For this, “Greenhouse Effect” has occurred and the temperature of the world is increasing day by day.  Heat waves have grasped many countries.  Ice is melting in the South and the North Poles.  The level of water in the sea is increasing.  This may lead to worldwide flood, Measures should be immediately taken to prevent deforestation.

We should plant five trees if we cut down one.  We should also try our best to stop cutting down trees and save the environment.  Otherwise, Our future will be very difficult and uninhabitable.

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