How to open a Rocket account easily at home

Dutch Bangla Bank Mobile Banking is the first name in the world of Bangladesh Mobile Banking. Whose current name is Rocket. In addition to development, many people need a rocket account. So today we will learn how to open a Rocket account easily at home.

What is a rocket?

I will open an account. Before that I didn’t know anything about rockets. Rocket is a mobile banking service which means you will get banking services through mobile here.

You can transfer money from one place to another through mobile, you can make purchases, you can pay various bills. There are also many more benefits.

Rocket’s previous name was Dutch Bangla Bank Mobile Banking. But it has changed its name and is currently running a business called Rocket. This mobile banking service is operated by Dutch Bangla Bank Authority. This is the first mobile banking service in Bangladesh.

So we should all know the rules of opening a rocket account. Then we can easily transact money through rockets when needed.

How to open a rocket account (Full Process)

Pre-registration by dialing * 322 #

It is very easy to re-register on the rocket by dialing * 322 # via mobile. Follow the process below.

First dial * 322 #.

Write 1 in the empty cell and send.

In the last step, enter and send a 4 digit PIN code for your Rocket account.

Your pre-registration is completed very easily and without any hassle. Now to activate your account you have to go to the nearest Rocket Authorized Agent, Dodge Bangla Bank Branch, Fast Track etc. to activate the account.

All you need to do is activate the account

1 copy passport size photo and

Photocopy of any one of National Identity Card / Passport

How to open a rocket account from agent point ?

To activate the account, go to Agent Point with the above picture and ID card. There you need to fill out a form called KYC.

Fill out that form with the help of an agent. Once the form is filled, wait for 3-5 days. In the meantime, your Rocket account will be activated for transactions.

How to open a rocket account with App.

First download the Rocket app from the Play Store. Once downloaded, open the app. If you want some permission, you allow that permission. Then select your language. In this case we are selecting English. Then click Next.

Enter the number in the first box on which you will open the Rocket account on the next page. Then click on next. Allow permission.

Then a popup will open. If you want to open a new account, click yes. You will see your mobile number in the first cell of the next page. If the mobile number is correct, click on Select Operator cell.

Select your operator. In this case, Robi, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Teletalk, whatever you are, select the operator. Then click on the next button.

After clicking on Next, a call will come to your mobile. Receive that call and by clicking on the keypad there, dial a 4 digit pin code for the Rocket account.

First click on the keypad button and then type the pin code.

When this step is completed the next step. In the next step you will see three houses. The first cell will have your phone number. In the second cell, you will receive a security code in an SMS. That code will be given automatically. If the code does not appear on your phone automatically, enter the code from the message here.

House number three is the house with the pin code. Enter the four-digit PIN code you set in the phone call a while ago and click Verify. If you want permission, allow it.

On the next page type your PIN number and click on login. If you have successfully logged in to your account, you will see Update your KYC at the top of the account. Click on that text.

Update your KYC to verify your Rocket account

You will then see a page containing the terms of the rocket. You can read the terms if you want. Then click on I agree and then click on Next button.

Next you will get a page called Take your NID photo. In the first box on that page, scan the image at the top of your ID card and scan the image at the bottom of the back of the ID card at the bottom. If you want permission to take pictures, allow it.

Once the ID card image is scanned, click Next. The Rocket Smart app will automatically collect all the information on your ID card and you will see that information on the next page. Take a moment to match the information with the ID card and if all is well click on the next text.

Scan the ID card Rules for opening a rocket account

 Scan ID Card (Rocket Account Opening Rules)

On the next page you have to give some information. In the first cell, select Gender. In this case follow the rule given below.

Male results in Male

Female or Female

If it is the third gender, click on Others text.

Enter your marriage details in the second cell. You.

Single if unmarried

Married if married

Divorce if you are divorced

If you are a widow, select Widow.

Select your religion in the third cell. Select your profession in the fourth cell. In the fifth cell, give information about the reason why you are opening a Rocket account, i.e. what kind of transaction you will do.

In this case you can select Personal, Business, Savings, salary or Other. Then click on Next.

Next you will get a page called Take customer photo. Click on Next text. Here you have to take a picture of the person with whose ID card you are opening the account.

Take customer photo

In this case, in the selfie style, we will take pictures in the same way as we take pictures. Blink your eyes a few times. The smart app will automatically pick up your picture. Then if there is any mistake, you can take the picture again by clicking on Retake text. If you can successfully take a picture, click Next.

On the next page you will see all the information of your account. Match all the information with your NID card and click on confirm text to confirm. You will then see an info in pop-up format. There will be a text saying that your application has been successfully submitted and is awaiting verification.

In this case, the Rocket Authority will verify all your information and after verification, your account will be activated. After the account is activated you will receive a notification via SMS. After receiving the notification, you will be able to make any type of transaction through Rocket account.

These are the rules for opening a rocket account. Hope everybody understands. From now on you will be able to open your own account. Your rocket account has been opened.

How many Rocket accounts can be opened with one NID card?

The most common question is how many Rocket accounts can be opened with one NID card? The answer is very simple Like Bikash, only one account can be opened to give a NID card to a Rocket account.

This is mainly to keep the security strong. If there was a system of multiple accounts, people would be victims of spamming in different ways. There can be problems like account hacking.

Rocket account or balance check code

Dial * 322 # to check Rocket account balance. This is the USSD code of the rocket. Then follow the next instructions.

After dialing * 322 #, type 5 and send. Then type 1 in the next cell and send. Then write your 4 digit pin code and send it. On the next screen you will see the balance of your Rocket account.

Rocket account opening facility

The present age is the age of information technology. Now people want to do everything sitting at home. People do not want to leave home for small tasks. That is why mobile banking is so popular now. Rockets are no exception.

Like other mobile banking, you will also get some benefits in Rocket account. Notable issues are highlighted below.

You can send and withdraw money from anywhere.

Account can be opened within the SIM of any operator.

The facility to recharge the mobile at any time.

Benefits of paying various bills.

Salary allowance can be accepted.

Paying workers in a few clicks.

Receiving remittances from   abroad.

Payment for online purchases.

Digital banking services.

Pay electricity bills.

Pay water bills.

You can save money easily.

Rocket account number

Rocket assigns customers an account number by adding a new digit to the mobile provided for security. In other words, even if your phone number is 11 digits, the rocket account number is 12 digits.

Rocket helpline number

The account is open. But you can read different issues related to the account at different times. So it needs to be solved. But how?

You can easily solve any problem by calling Rocket’s helpline number 16216.

If you have any problem, call the helpline number. The customer care manager will receive your call. Tell him the details of your problem. He will solve your problem accordingly or tell you the way to solve it.

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