How to open a bKash account without agent

How to open a bKash account without agent

Nowadays everything is modern and digital, we want everything in a simple way and we want to do any work with less hassle.

So the mobile banking system has made our daily life money transfer service much easier. You know about the development of this most popular service provider in Bangladesh.

You can use this service to transfer money to any person in any part of Bangladesh. So in this post I will know how to open a bKash account without agent.

It is now very easy to open a bKash account!

At present Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk, Grameenphone and Robi are all connected to open bKash account.

how to open a bKash account without agent, from the new app in your home.

Rules for opening bKash account 2021.

The mobile service of bKash Bangladesh was launched in 2011 by BRAC Bank Limited.

Initially, it provided some basic services like cash in, cash out and send money. Now in development there are many services like mobile recharge, electric bill, train bus, flight ticketing, mobile recharge, online shopping etc.

So let’s not be late to know the rules of opening a personal account

If you want to open a bkash account easily, first of all you need to have your own NID card and arrange an Android phone because you have to download an Android application from the Android phone.

The name of the app is Bkash App.

If you want you can download it by clicking this link. The link is bKash App

How to open a bKash account without agent.

  • Open it after installing the app.
  • Once you open the bKash app, you will first see the login / registration page. Touch Registration and give permission to open a new account.
  • Then touch the red arrow button at the bottom after entering the permanent mobile number where you will want the mobile number.
  • After touching the arrow button, select the company or operator that gave you the number.
  • There will be names of all SIMs like Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk, Grameenphone and Robi.
  • Then a six digit verification code will be sent to your mobile, type that verification code there now and then touch the red arrow button at the bottom and verify your mobile number.
  • A new page will appear with some terms and conditions about development.
  • You can read all the information there and express your interest by touching the red arrow button below.
  • You will be asked to follow three small steps to register a new development account. Then let’s know the steps

1.You need to take your NID picture and click on submit.

2. Must provide the required information and click on the submit text.

3. Take a selfie picture of yourself and click on the submit text.

Completing these steps will complete the registration for your development.

Then wait to receive the SMS. Your account will be confirmed after receiving the SMS.

Then you cut with the SMS cross, click on the login above.

Type the mobile number with which you have opened the account, then select the operator, then a verification code will be sent to your mobile, the verification code will be auto that,

You will then need to double-check and confirm a new PIN for your bKash account.


The first step in opening an account is to activate your own Develop Mobile menu. Follow the steps below to activate your mobile menu…

Dial *247# in the bKash Mobile menu.

Turn on the mobile menu.

Double-check a five-digit PIN for your bKash account and confirm.

Re-enter the PIN to confirm.

Always keep your PIN secret.

After successfully following these steps, your mobile number will become your bKash account number.

Initially you will be able to use cash in, mobile recharge and money services in your new bKash account.

However, after completing your KYC form verification, you will be able to cash out, recharge your mobile, make payments and enjoy all other development services.

Once your account is fully activated, dial *247# and enjoy development services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers will be able to receive all services when opening an account from bKash Center or bKash Care.

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